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Individual approach is used for ensuring arrangement of the event. After having consultations with the client we search for the best possible solutions. The proposal we place shall be  financially feasible, realistic, at the chosen venue and aspects hindering final effect to be explained and alternatives proposed.


Corporate affairs section provides tailor made proposals to the corporate clients. Each request or tender is carefully learnt before placing any idea to the client.


CTO is capable of accomplishing such complex tasks as it is facilitation of meetings; management of different events at one location; ensuring isolation of spaces for media and business representatives.
The company concludes general agreement which envis
ages provision of the entire package of various services and allocation of service providers for conduction of trainings, catering , installation of sound system, exhibitions etc.

Contact us on our email and we will provide you with detailed information on incentives and organization of various events. Through the communication you will be able to estimate our qualification and experience of managing corporate affairs.


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Arrangement of sound system

Organization of translation

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