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It became one of the most popular destinations among foreign tourists. This is a trip which leaves a lot of space for thinking how so closely co-existing countries developed in totally different ways. Religion, political regime, culture, geography all these factors shaped what we have now and what makes us proud of.

The tour provides opportunities for visiting these three countries within 10-12 days. The visitors are being transported by comfortable buses. The route will pass you through various climate zones. As the Caucasus Mountains chain protects the region from Northern cold winds here you will have an opportunity of enjoying mild, desert, semi-desert and tropical climates.


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You will be driven to the highest church in the Europe in Khazbegi; than to the highest village in Ushguli; brought to the spectacular preserved territories with unique atmosphere and virgin nature. The route passes several UNESCO preserved world heritage sites; also you will get to both Caspian and the Black sea shores. Recently renovated seaside cities of Baku and Batumi with long and charming promenades will give some sense of romance. The tour also leads high to the mountains where you will be able to compare economical and cultural development of people from mountainous and lower lands regions. The treasures of Georgia had been for centuries preserved in Svanetia as the region was unreachable during the winter and it was hard to pass through deep gorges during spring and summer periods. In Mestia you will visit Europe's best museum with rich collection of ancient and middle ages artifacts of Georgia. You will also get to mineral  water resorts and have an opportunity of having short break there ; the tour also lets you see natural  park of Sataplia with footprints of Raptor dinosaurs and cave with extraordinary mineral stalactite formations. If you would like to prolong your stay in any of these destinations we support your wish and ensure proper arrangements.


During the trip you will have an opportunity of tracking influence of Roman culture for example in Armenia you can see Garni temple, which presents beautiful pagan temple, although this is not the only remaining and such examples less preserved are scattered in many places of the region. It will be interesting to analyze how intruders/wars affected these countries. Although In Azerbaijan you will dive into purely Asian environment, the capital will strike you with modern buildings which dominate over the landscape of Baku. Here you will have an opportunity of walking through narrow old streets of the old city located on the slope leading to the seashore.



Georgian taste shapes here. A beautiful garden made for admiration. Must point in your schedule to Tbilisi






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