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HAVE A MEANINGFUL  REST is the concept of our organization.
All our services derive from it which means provision of services far beyond standard tours established in tourism industry

Want to meet Georgian known masters

  • leading opera singers

  • sports men

  • Georgian painters

  • Architects

  • Editors

  • writers

Only with us you can plan a trip wich provides possibilities of meeting people of various professions. Among partners of our organization there are well known Georgian writers, dancers, singers, politicians, sportsmen, painters, representatives of non-governmental organizations. Upon your request we can arrange a trip in combination with meetings with prominent Georgians. These are especially interesting trips which enrich your experiences, provide deeper insights into the fields of your interest, explain local particularities and enhance the impressions with unforgettable emotions.

Informal, friendly environment set for the conversations of the participants encourage the visitors and the guest of honor to discuss appealing issues and exchange precious experiences.

To get more outcome from the visit frequently we arrange arrange visits to the offices or studios of the appointed representatives of Georgian modern society. Visits to the leading commercial organizations can be also arranged.

Betsy's hotel provides wonderful facilities for conducting MICE events

Betsy's hotel is well known on Tbilisi hotel market. It has established its leading position due to quality services for many years. The hotel has beautiful inner garden and excellent view to Tbilisi. It has long lasting conference and various events organization experience.




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Prepare for meeting new year in the snowy mountains

Hotel Carpe Diem welcomes its visitors to have romantic new year in the middle of Georgian winter.





Have a meaningful rest



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