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Batumi is the highlight of any trip planned within Georgia. This is different world, city of contrasts, high tech, old town and plain sea.


The city frequently hosts various festivals, exhibitions and events. The city has its old town with charming private villas. The one can stroll all day long in these narrow beautiful streets.


Batumi Port

The city has its port which makes the city more attractive for visiting. Big ships gliding into the harbor attract interests of encounters.


Batumi Botanical Garden

The city also has its own botanical garden with rare plants all over the world. Batumi museums are not that big but still have exhibited interesting examples of pieces of art. Batumi has its airport and it is very convenient to head directly after holidays home.

The city is full of nice restaurants. Many travel to play in casinos in Batumi grand hotels.

It is a nice place for shopping as well.

Christian church and Muslim mosque are located in the same district of the city.


Promenade and dancing fountains

The city has prominent promenade, where you can attend Jazz and classical music festivals.


Amusement park

For younger generations Kobuleti has a large entertainment park with lots of extreme amusement attractions.


Batumi funicular

Here we will get to se wonderful view of the city from above. The horizontal surface of the sea against skyscrapers makes wonderful impression on the visitors. It is a final touch of the day tour in Batumi


Batumi Aqua Park

If you happen to travel with your kids there is no better place than Aqua park. Safe, isolated open air park with lots of water attractions will leave exciting memories in your family trip.


We offer some extreme to fill up your impressions with extraordinary feelings.

Our partners offer wide choice of interesting entertainments in the capital and countrywide as well.

  • Rafting

  • Air balloons

  • Para gliding

  • Karting

  • Zip line

  • Dinner in the sky

Sky travel is company of air pilots trained for transportation of air balloons. Highly skilled and qualified personnel will ensure your smooth fly through the warm air layers above Kakheti wine fields. Get bird's eye view and highlight your trip>>>



Descending from Tbilisi Turtle lake

Flying over Alazani river.

Zip line is a wonderful air line stretched over Vake park. After visiting Turtle lake which is a resting and meeting point of Tbilisians instead of coming down with the vehicles you can take Zip line. Take it and fly over the tops of the beautiful old trees, road serpentines and pass the huge sculpture in the middle of the park. In the end of your several minutes journey you will land in the beginning of the prestigious part of the capital -Vake districtwill where our guide will greet you.




During your trip to Kakheti you can enrich your journey with air balloons trip.

This is a special experience. Early in the morning you come to Alazani river valley, in the fileds the air baloon heating up preparations start. Soon in approximately 45 minutes you will make first steps into the air. Experience natural air lifting without engines' noise and gear pressure. Silence and the first rays of the sun will mesmerize you.


Air balloons is year long service. We offer arrangement of the trip with the partner company Sky Travel. This is a company of air pilots trained for transporting people on air balloons. These are licensed highly skilled and qualified crew. They will ensure your smooth fly through the warm air layers above Kakheti wine fields.



Rafting is usually arranged on Aragvi river about 1,30 hours away from the capital. The season for rafting is limited during late spring up to autumn. The company starts the tour from specially built camp with lots of entertainment facilities.

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This is a garden made with such a taste that soon after establishment it became one of the most popular sites in  Tbilisi



Meet new year celebrations in Gudauri resort Karpe Diem

Romantic environment diving in fascinating white snow



BUERA hotel
waits for its visitors to enjoy Georgian winery traditions

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