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Georgia is rich in natural resources. It is a perfect and safe place for sport get together.

We offer exercising facilities for

  • Cycling sportsmen

  • Golfing estates

  • Ski resorts Bakuriani an Gudauri for professional skiing

  • Black sea for divers


Boxing, wrestling, volleyball, swimming teams managers are welcome to visit the country and evaluate the facilities for future plans.


Special meetings and master classes can be arranged for wrestlers. Georgia takes No 1 positions on world cup and Olympic games in classical wrestling. The wrestling school has deep roots and knowledge gained over the centuries passed from master to master.



You can also have a bicycle tour. We have carefully investigated the routes of the country and propose various schemes, Trails in the mountains, Ground road tours, tours to the villages of the region, tours to Forests tour and others.

While planning the tour we consider weather condition, temperature and safety aspects which affect the success of the event. Specifics of food and water provision are also considered for the trip. Before taking a trip we present the route to the visitors, estimate their possibilities and after providing some safety training take them for adventures.


We also have one day tours which can be nice opportunity to switch from minibus to bicycles and have a lot of fun during the visit. Friendly and safe environment of the country with spectacular landscapes makes the trip especially delighting. The basic tour which most of people take is Tbilisi - Mtskheta tour. This is a tour to the old capital of Georgia, where you will enjoy fascinating views from the hill of Jvari monastery. For those who are not that experienced to ride for a long time uphill we have tours while on the flatlands in vicinity of the capital. It is delighting to finish such days in the open air restaurants close to Mtkvari river.

Sample Itinerary of bike tour made for Tbilisi:

Riverside of Tbilisi

Day 1: Arrival

Accommodation at the hotel (equipped for storing bicycles)

Overnight in Tbilisi


Day 2: Classical Tbilisi
Riverside of Tbilisi (Right bank of the city)


Upper Vera district

Old town

Kala district

Sulfur baths

Overnight in Tbilisi


Day 3: Left bank of the city


Lisi lake

Left bank of the city

Bear factory

Silk museum

Agmashenebeli cafe street

Overnight in Tbilisi


Day 4: Tbilisi Lakes


Turtle lake

Open air ethnographical museum

Overnight in Tbilisi


Day 5: Mtskheta



Jvari monastery

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Mtskheta old town city tour


Day 6:


Transfer to Tbilisi international airport


Our partner Sky Travel offers trips over the wine fields of Kakheti. You will get unforgettable feelings from your trip to Georgia.



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