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Want to study wine making traditions? Georgia is the best choice for that. The country which preserved more than 500 spices of wines is a cradle of winemaking traditions going back to prehistoric times.

Chateau Buera

Chateau Mukhrani

Javakhishvili's winery

Khareba winery

Become an expert of Georgian wines.
Given tour provides possibility of learning wine production technique in bottles and in Kvevri both together. The tour includes visits to the chateau of Chavchavadze in Tsinandali and visit to the underground chain of tunnels in Kvareli used for wine production.


Qvevri phenomena
This is a training for those who would like to combine their trip with training on how to make the wine Georgian way. Within this trip you will have two trips to the traditional family wineries in Kakheti to see how people in ancient times used to produce wines in Kvevri. This is a special tour as these group of wines has extremely rich aroma and strong taste.


Wine production in an European manner
This tour introduces the modern wine making traditions based on European technology. Wines from Georgian grapes first were produced by A. Chavchavadze in Tsinandali. Over the years these wines became known worldwide and won numerous competitions. Within this tour you will visit Chateau Mukhraani and modern wine factories in Kakheti.


Prevention of wine diseases and conservation

Training on wine diseases. This is a special training for those who have been producing wines and would like to get more information on how to protect wines during production from various diseases.


Growing wines

This is a training for those who recently established on the land and need qualified information on grape growth, formation, cultivation. The training helps you to independently maintain your farm and build your wine cellar.


Sommelier training

In partnership with Georgian wine guild we propose special training for somelies. This is a course for professionals who want to get more information on Kvevri wines.



Phenomena of Qvevri

Georgia preserved about 500 different species of grapes. In addition this country kept the ancient technique of wine preparation, which was recognized by UNESCO as the world heritage. This is a special wine fermentation in the clay vessels burred in the ground.
Based on the demand and growing interest to the Georgian wine making traditions we elaborated following special tours


Wine degustation process  




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