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Khareba winery



Want to study wine making traditions? Georgia is the best choice for that. The country which preserved more than 500 spices of wines is a cradle of winemaking traditions going back to prehistoric times.

Wine making old techniques Wine making old techniques


Khareba owns special network of tunnels built underneath of the ground. Bottled wines stores in the tunnel all its wines. The length of the tunnel is 7.7 km. It is carved in the Caucasus ridge, through the rock. The rock contains granite, which is surrounded by clay schist layers. All around the year, natural temperature of 12-24° Celsius is preserved.


At the same time the winery exploits oak barrels for aging purposes. The best French produced barrels are employed at the winery. The company also uses qvevri technology for wine making purposes. It has its cellars both in eastern and western Georgia. The company produces several wines from locally cultivated grapes.


Kakheti soil is rich in lime and guarantees the best quality for indigenous grapes such as Rkatsiteli, Khvivi, Saferavi, Kisi and others. Distinguished representatives of western Georgian wines are: Tsitska, which is used for production of sparkling wine by application of classic methods, Krakhuna, Tsolikouri, Otskhanuri, Safere, Aladasturi, Usakhelouri.


Khareba winery

Factory with underground system of tunnels used for aging wines



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